Audio and Lighting

The audio and lighting area is the heart of our worship every Sunday morning. The lighting is particularly important for emphasizing certain areas of the stage for drama, performances, and other special events that will occur during the services. The sound that is produced in the Worship Center as well as for television is done through the help of persons who work our various soundboards. All three Sunday services require volunteers to provide an ample means for all to hear the pastor and the other worship elements throughout the facility. This team is also responsible for various events such as weddings, drama and musical performances in our Fellowship Hall, and additional off campus events. They are also the team that sets up the microphones and tests all channels before the services begin.


Broadcast - Please click <HERE> for the February 2016 Crew Call

Every week, our worship service is recorded and
televised on our local station MyMS, Comcast Channel 3. This team requires persons in a number of positions including camera operators, directors, technical directors, graphics, and editors. This area of the Media Ministry exists for the television broadcasts, but it also serves to document special missions services, children’s productions, and other major events such as candlelight services, and our Christmas Festival in December. Additionally, we produce other special productions for display in the Sanctuary and through the other ministries.

Video Projections

The Video Projections crew is responsible for all that is shown on the screens. This includes everything from the song lyrics to sermon notes and other special video and slides that provide an enhancement to one’s worship experience. Our intention with this area is to allow persons to use their hands freely for praising God and provide a quick resource for notes and other details presented by the pastor or the worship leaders throughout the services.

If you are interested in becoming a part of this ministry, please click on the link below.