Harrisburg Baptist Church Mission's Ministry

Harrisburg Baptist Church is a mission-minded body of believers committed to the fulfillment
of the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20). To that end, we seek to train, equip, and send
disciples into the world in order to reach the lost. The world begins right here in Tupelo,
Mississippi, and extends to the far ends of the earth. Our mission is to glorify God, our
mandate is to share the Gospel, and our motivation is to see every tribe and tongue, people
and nation, worship the Lord Jesus Christ for all eternity.

Specific Mission Ministries:

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About HBC's Mission's Ministry:

One of the unique things about Southern Baptists is our concept of fulfilling the Great Commission by pooling our resources and cooperating to accomplish together what we could never do as individuals or individual churches. This concept is called the Cooperative Program. It has served Southern Baptists well for over 80 years and today is still our way of uniting a mighty army to stay focused on God’s mission for us as His people.

The Southern Baptist Convention was organized in Augusta, Georgia, in 1845. At that time we had very few institutions. But in the last 161 years we have become the largest non-Catholic denomination in the world, with approximately 16.3 million members in 43,000 cooperating churches. Southern Baptist churches support our many institutions and agencies through the Cooperative Program. Before the Cooperative Program was adopted our Southern Baptist entities competed with one another and made direct appeals to the churches for support. This was impractical. The causes with strong emotional appeal got the most money. Others received less than their share. There was a need for a more fair and equitable plan.

The Southern Baptist Convention met in Memphis, Tennessee, May 13, 1925, and adopted the Cooperative Program as a plan for our world-wide missionary program. The needs of all the agencies and institutions are studied by committees and recommendations are made to the Convention to assure equitable and just support.

The Cooperative Program is an effective and economical plan. Through it our churches cooperate together in a world mission program. How does it work? Each church voluntarily determines the percentage or amount of its income to be shared through the Cooperative Program. The church then sends its gifts to the state convention. The state convention keeps a percentage to be used within the state and sends the remainder to the Southern Baptist Convention for world causes.

We have three special missions offerings given by Southern Baptists each year. They are given in support of international, national and state missions. One hundred percent of these offerings go directly to the mission field. They are used to accomplish the ministries and meet the needs that are not covered by the regular budget provided through the Cooperative Program.


A. International Missions

A week of prayer emphasis is held each December in support of international missions. During that time information is studied and an offering is given. It is called the “Lottie Moon Christmas Offering.” Lottie Moon was an early Southern Baptist missionary who served in China for nearly forty years. We have approximately 5,300 career international missionaries.


B. North American Missions

The Annie Armstrong week of prayer and missions offering is observed each spring during the Easter season. This offering supports work here in our own nation. We have 5,100 career national missionaries.


C. State Missions

The Margaret Lackey week of prayer and missions offering is observed every year during September. The offering supports work within our state and outside the local church.


The Cooperative Program, simply defined is: Caring People Together Touching the World.

Harrisburg Baptist Church gives 15% of our church approved budget each year through the Cooperative Program to Southern Baptist causes. In 2005, this was $368,643.00. We also give 1% of our church budget to the Lee County Baptist Association. We participate in all three major Southern Baptist offerings also to undergird our mission causes. There are several other mission causes we support through our church budget as well.

While we believe in giving to and supporting mission causes and ministries, we also have a strong emphasis on participating in missions. We average three to five mission trips each year. Many of our youth, singles and individual members participate in local, state, national and international missions. These mission trips are paid for by individuals, church sponsored events to raise money and special gifts. Our desire is to have a balance of giving to missions and actually being involved in hands-on mission work.

If you are interested in support for a specific mission, please complete the Mission Team Application.

If you are interested in support as an individual on missions, please complete the Mission Individual Application.