Welcome to the Preschool Ministry of Harrisburg Baptist Church where our goal is to partner with parents to help preschoolers become all that God created them to be! It is our desire as a ministry team to help you and your family have happy Christian experiences through the many opportunities offered at Harrisburg Baptist Church.

We firmly believe the preschool years are the foundation time of life. There is no other comparable span of life in which a person learns so much or so fast. At Harrisburg we desire to use these years to help lay a strong foundation for faith. Through loving, caring relationships with parents and teachers at church, preschoolers can begin well their journey toward faith in Jesus Christ.

It is our belief that no child is too young to begin to learn about God. We want to provide a safe, secure, relaxed environment in which preschoolers have the opportunity to learn appropriate biblical concepts each time they come to church. We strive through all our programs to provide developmentally appropriate activities geared toward helping preschoolers learn about God, Jesus, the Bible, church, family, self, God's creation, community and the world.

We count it an honor and a privilege to serve you and to partner with you in the spiritual training of your child. If you have questions or suggestions, please feel free to call on us!

Angela Mitchell
Director of Preshool

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