Tips for Church


Parents play a major role in helping a child’s first experiences at church be happy and meaningful ones.
  Parents can help in the following ways:


  1. A child’s adjustment to church is much more difficult after seven months of age.  We recommend bringing the child to church early and regularly.


  1. If a child has a problem at church, it is better to discuss this with his teachers at a time other than just before or after class.  Never discuss a child’s problem in his presence.


  1. Family worship can include even your baby.  Children two and three years old should be encouraged to participate.


  1. Become familiar with the Preschool Policies, and cooperate in every way possible.  We are eager for your child to have happy experiences at church.


  1. At the classroom door, do not attempt to slip away from your child.  Tell him in a kind, firm voice that you are going but will be back to get him soon.  The, leave immediately.  If your child becomes upset, the teacher will help your child become involved in an activity or the teacher will page or come for you.  It will not be necessary for you to “look in” on him between Sunday School and the Worship Service.


  1. Abstract terms such as God’s House, Holy Spirit, etc. are difficult for preschoolers to comprehend.  They are unable to distinguish between Sunday School and Wednesday night church.


  1. Begin talking to your child positively during the week about going to church.  Use the child’s teachers’ names and those of other friends in his class frequently when talking about happy times at church.


  1. It is best for one parent to bring the child to his room and leave him at the door.  Please, don’t enter the room unless you have a sleeping baby.  As your child begins to walk, allow him to walk into his room.  This builds confidence and independence.


  1. Don’t be surprised if your child’s nap and feeding schedule become altered while at church.  Preschoolers get so involved and excited that they sometimes find there is too much fun going on to go to sleep!


  1. Please be sure to write any special needs, schedules or instructions teachers need to know on the information slip.  It is difficult for teachers to remember oral information from several parents.